"I miss you more than the sun misses the moon... More than the dessert misses the soft caress of the rain on a hot summer's night..."

I'm Zakk. I'm 20, for the year, and I've been getting over anxiety and depression for several years. I've also found out that I have a passion for guitar and... bleh. Anxiety.

Life is but a story in which you write with an ink dipped quill. Make it what you will, remember to cherish what you love, and change what you don't like, but, don't ever try to rewrite your story.


I love those people you can joke around with and have so much fun with and then have a deep conversation with and it’s not weird at all

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i use humor to mask the fact that i want to fall off the face of the earth

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ripping out someone one’s headphones is the 8th deadly sin

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Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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i wish i was a leaf instead of a person

But in the end, aren’t we all leaves? We get our hopes up, we fly through the air, so beautiful in life… Then we all fall, some get broken, others trodden on. We are insignificant amongst billions of others. And in the end, we all shrivel up and die.

stop tryna make this deep i just want to be a leaf

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